Seller Mistakes!

Mistakes Sellers Make When Listing

Starting to list and market your home is a big undertaking. Don't sabotage it from the beginning by making these simple mistakes:

Try to sell it yourself

This is just not the market to try and sell a home by owner. There are too many buyers out there going through their own buyers agent for their home and a buyers agent is not going to sift through the newspaper for "FSBO's" (for sale by owner) because they are most likely not going to make any commission. Plus with the thousands of homes on the market listed through the MLS there is no reason to go elsewhere. By having a competent, local agent list your home, you are ensuring your home will be displayed on the MLS where hundreds of buyers and their agents can view it and therefore show it.

Price it too high to begin with then come down

This is also not a market you can chase down. If you are a serious seller you will need to price your home below market value AND what your competitors are selling for. If you just can't price it lower then you must offer something that the others are not. Such as closing costs, buyer incentives, or give them some extra value in the home that others do not.  You home needs to be the best value for your location.

Not being flexible with the buyers

Again, if you are a serious seller you will do what you can to negotiate fairly with buyers. If you take things too personally or get too emotionally involved you can kill the deal before it's even taken off. Work with buyers, and remember this is a business deal so don't become too emotionally attached to the home during this time. Also, don't base your feelings of the home on the buyers. It doesn't matter whether you like the buyers or not, treat them all the same as if you were negotiating a sale at a garage sale.

Not staging properly

Many people think they can keep up just a few personal items or photographs and it will be ok. But in this market, you are competing with new, model homes that are professionally staged. To compete with this, the home must be neutral and impersonal yet still warm and inviting. Hire a stager if you have to to get the right look, flow and feel to the home. Visit open houses for more ideas

To sell your home or property for the most money possible, these steps can really help get a jump on a good sale. If you would like more tips and help with your specific home, condo or property give us a call 503-819-0443.


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