Why List with CornerStone?

We get the job done and done right.  Our home selling system works and were ready to prove it.  Find out how!


At CornerStone Properties NW, we're sincerely committed to helping you achieve your real estate goals. That's why all of our associate brokers are full-time real estate professionals. After all, the key to a successful home buying or home selling experience is often the relationship you establish with a skilled, considerate Realtor.  


Because we're an independent realty company, we have the flexibility to structure your transaction in a way that best suits your needs, not ours.  You'll find our services both affordable and professional.


Home Sellers can expect to receive the following services:         


  • Assistance in selecting the right sales price (Whats your Property worth?)     
  • Full market exposure using a variety of advertising methods
  • Thorough explanation of all paperwork, required activities and timelines (especially important for first time sellers)
  • Effective and timely communication throughout the selling process
  • "Crisis-free" closings


Our Home Selling System works! 

Selling your home requires an effective marketing strategy. Below is a basic plan that we use to market your home to the public and to other real estate agents. Of course, we can tailor this outline to each individual property. 

Our Clients can expect to receive  

· Internet home search. Your home will be featured on our web site that provides internet savvy buyers and sellers instant access to market information. Our web site address is www.CornerStonePropertiesNW.com. In addition, information on our site feeds all of the other local real estate brokerage web sites as well as national sites like Realtor.com.

· Virtual Tours.  All listings will have their own virtual tour web site with feedback that will be linked to all permitted listing services.  This is a great selling tool that buyers love.  See one of our Virtual tours:        

· Professional sign and signpost out in front of your home.  

· Flyer information box attached to your sign. Professional quality flyers with several photos and specific details of your home and property will be available for prospective buyers.

· RMLS (Regional Multiple Listing Service). This internet site will expose your home to over 5000 Portland area Realtors who search for homes like yours daily on behalf of their clients.

· Realtor Tour. Realtors from other local offices will come by to preview your new listing just after it becomes active on the market. 

· Frequent communication We will give you an update at least a few times each week keeping you informed on the progress of selling your home.

· Realtor follow up.  After a Realtor shows your home, we will contact the buyer's agent and relay to you any information that might be valuable. 

The "Real" Role of a Listing Agent
Your first exposure to a real estate agent probably happened when you bought your current home. Based on your experiences, you formed a generalized impression about exactly what it is that real estate agents do. When it becomes time to sell your home, you might expect your listing agent to do the same things that your agent did when you were looking to buy a home.
The person who helped you buy your home was a "selling agent" (often referred to as a "buyer's agent" on the web). Selling agents advertise in newspapers, on the internet, and other places  hoping to get buyers to call on the ads. Since over 90% of buyers do not buy the home they originally see in the ads, selling agents begin showing other properties to their potential homebuyers.
Home sellers often want their listing agents to advertise in the newspapers and to hold frequent open houses, thinking this is what makes homes sell quickly. 

It just doesn't work that way
A listing agent's primary job has less to do with finding buyers and more to do with convincing all of those selling agents to show your home to their buyers, PLUS, marketing your home so that anyone who is looking for a home like yours will see your listing. Your listing agent will very likely not be the agent that actually sells your home to a buyer. The buyer will most likely their own agent working on their behalf. That's why commissions are usually split between buyer's agent and listing agent. In some situations the same agent will represent both the buyer and the seller. In these cases the agent is referred to as a "dual agent".
Your listing agent also puts your house in the local Multiple Listing Service and sends flyers to all of the other local office (and their agents) -- telling them about your property. They talk to as many agents as they can about your house. They may even hold a "broker's open" to invite area agents to show your home, in case they have buyers that may be interested.
It's very important to price your home properly when it first appears on the market. If you price it too high, the selling agents just laugh and say they'll wait until the price comes down. Of course, by then your house is "old news" and no longer fresh in their minds.
As for those newspaper ads and open houses you might expect your agent to handle...those rarely sell your home...although many sellers think they do. That is one reason why many "For Sale By Owner" (FSBO) properties do not sell. Sellers begin with a false impression of what makes a listing agent effective. The real "sell" is behind the scenes in the offices and in the marketplace. 
The real value of a listing agent is in assisting to establish proper pricing, providing instruction regarding the presentation of your home to potential buyers (staging), and in marketing your home, especially on the internet, to buyers and other agents.  At CornerStone Properties NW, our Realtors can help you reach your goal.


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